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The Certified Wino

Wine. Hospitality. Food.

In an industry filled with so many passionate, talented professionals, it is a shame that we don't celebrate their stories more often. For me, their journey is far more interesting than the places they end up. Join me as I showcase an array of inspiring entrepreneurs, chefs, restaurant owners, and wine nerds (my people) & share my own passion for all things wine via "The Certified Wino". And maybe, just maybe, you'll understand what it means to be a hospitality professional!


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Glitter in the Air: An Ode to 2023

You feel that static in the air? The sensation of beginning fresh that comes with a new year and the boundless opportunities waiting to...


We see stories that seem impossible play out so often through various forms of media, whether it be books or movies, that the lines of...

The Journey

I'm at a crossroads. Two paths emerge like a fork in the road that is my career. Which path do I choose? Do I choose what is new? What is...

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