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The Journey

I'm at a crossroads.

Two paths emerge like a fork in the road that is my career.

Which path do I choose?

Do I choose what is new? What is Unknown?

Or do I choose the devil I know?

I don't know which will bring me peace.

But my spirit needs to find that center again.

My career has twisted so much.

It's a winding path that resembles a snake, shedding its skin & leaving reminders in its wake.

Each step has turned me into a chameleon with new skills to combat every stake.

Maybe it's not the unknown that scares me.

Maybe I just need a break!

A fresh start, a reset.

I have to believe that God will provide even if I change the tide.

Which path do I choose?

The grass isn't always greener on the road less traveled.

M. Scott Peck doesn't tell you that!

I have to make a choice in the midst of this babble before I unravel.

I take a step forward onto the path my heart has led me to.

The world will say I made the wrong choice; they'll see me and tell me to move.

I'll plant myself by the river of my truth, stare them down and say: "No, you move."

Which path will I choose?

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