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Meet the T.C.W

B R I O N    C E P H U S

With a love for wine & food that was birthed during his time at Johnson & Wales University, Brion has ambitiously sought to leave his mark on the hospitality industry. He's ventured from boutique hotel management to consulting on wine programs & restaurant concepts in the Charlotte, NC market.

A true renaissance man, Brion blends various mediums like fashion and music to demystify the world of wine & connect people with the talented professionals of the hospitality field.  "The Certified Wino" does this all while inviting you to geek out with him over the vino in his glass any given week!

Take some time to explore the blog while sipping on a glass of wine (Brion suggests that it's the only way one should read). You will find his insights into different wine related topics (regions, grapes, holiday wines, etc.), personal stories from his journey in the industry, and interviews that will peel back the layers of some truly gifted professionals. 


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