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Ringing in the Holidays with "Green Avenue"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

That time of the year when your heart starts to feel all warm & bubbly inside, scents of pine waft through the air and the weather wraps you in an ever familiar chill as the seasons begin to change. Join Jennifer Lewis, "The Green Being", and I as we help you navigate the holiday season with a twist: everything is VEGAN!

Jennifer and I have collaborated years prior during the launch of her Vegan Valentine dinner series back in 2018. It was then that we introduced long time vegans & first timers to the world of vegan wine & food pairings. Believe it or not, all wine is not made the same! Most vegans (those who are in it for moral reasons at least), would be shocked to know that not all wine is inherently vegan. Use of egg whites or the stomach lining of fatty fish like sturgeon is completely common place in winemaking during the fining & clarification processes.

When she asked me to do this project for the holidays I was equally as elated as I was during our first collaboration. After watching a few videos in the series, you will realize that these food & wine pairings are for everyone----even those of you who still enjoy a chicken wing or two, like myself! Each week, Jennifer and I will be showcasing a wine & food pairing fit for the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. I will have detailed overviews of each wine added to a future post once we are half way through the series!

If you are seeking to switch over to veganism or just looking to learn some new recipes while enjoying great wine, we have got you covered. The limited series, "Green Avenue", is available for viewing every Wednesday @1pm EST! Check out the first video below:

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