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#IndustryTalks with Taylor Kastl

Chef. Businesswoman. Self-proclaimed wine nerd. Just an all around bad-ass.

Taylor Kastl is literally one of my favorite human beings, and after you watch her interview, she'll be one of your favorite people too! I've worked for her and alongside her for 2 years during my time at Assorted Table Wine Shop in the 7th Street Public Market. I knew from meeting her just once that Taylor was a tour de force in this industry. I could go into details regarding all her accolades like her being WSET Level 3 with Distinction or shamelessly plug in that she is also a graduate of Johnson & Wales, but I won't. Instead, I want you to focus on her tenacity & unyielding spirit. Her journey is far more compelling than even her wildly successful business, Tayste Catering.

Tayste Catering is the lovechild of Chef Steve & Taylor. Built on the use of local ingredients & a team of seasoned professionals, Tayste Catering can satisfy any of your event needs. Taylor has hosted multi-course wine dinners, catered corporate lunches & even helped make South End wine festival a hit. Her "can-do" attitude pushes her to always be better than she was the day before. What was once a small operation has now blossomed as a result of that constant push from both Taylor & Steve. It is not often that I get to pick her brain on the subject of our industry, so just know that this interview was as much a treat for me as I know it will be for all of you. Cheers!

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