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#Industry Talks with "The Green Being"

It isn't easy being green, but Jennifer sure makes it seem that way! This talented young lady and I go back what feels like ages ago now. I met her during my internship at the Omni Hotel & worked with her frequently during my time as a line cook. Jennifer had a natural knack for design and making her food "pretty". So, when it came time to do amenities for the guest rooms, I always shadowed her. It was with her that I learned how to create some down-right gorgeous set-ups with food.

Fast-forward a whopping 5 years, Jennifer has pursued her passion as a private chef & owner of "The Green Being". She does everything from meal preps to catered dinners, and even sells meals through Green Brothers Juice Company. Jennifer ventured into veganism after realizing how much the production of meat/meat by-products didn't sit well with her morally. Add that to the well of health benefits that veganism offers (I mean just look at her GLOWING skin), and she found an entirely new way of life.

Take it from someone who has had her food: you won't miss the meat! Some call it science, while others say its sorcery (mushrooms that taste like fried chicken can only be the result of some form of witchcraft). Listen to her story about being a black woman in the industry, all things veganism, and the future of her company in the full interview!

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