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Burgers & Blues

Some folks like to get away on a holiday from the neighborhood.... others like to keep it chill and find a new beverage to pair with their grilling escapades!

I'm always here for a fun food pairing. My culinary background plays an intimate role in my experience with wine and my thought process when drinking. When I'm tasting a wine for the first time, I draw a line between the wine and a dish I think would work with it based on the flavor profile. My palate is constantly seeking those lock-and-key food and wine experiences. There's something beautiful about the marriage of the two items that simply can't be denied. Though I believe the biggest beauty comes when the pairings are with everyday food items and not some fanciful meal. I'm talking the soft pretzels & cheese dipping sauce with buttery Chardonnays kind of pairing. Something that allows the idea of a wine pairing to feel comforting rather than intimidating. I can't think of a more comforting pairing than burgers & a little wine.

Burgers & beers tend to be everyone's go to at the obligatory cookout on holidays such as Labor Day, and rightfully so. Nothing beats an ice-cold pilsner while crushing a beef patty loaded with cheese and bacon. We're gonna class things up a touch this year. Instead of reaching for the 6-packs to crack a cold one with the boys & gals, let's reach for some wine bottles that will pair equally as well with your Labor Day burger-fest. Usual suspects like fruit bomb Zinfandels & big-not Cabs will be left off this mini list in favor of some more unique options as well as some leaner proteins for the burger base.

Vinho Verde with Chicken Burgers | Vinho Verde's sea breeze of salinity & bright citrus tones work really well against leaner burgers like that made of ground chicken. Creamy elements like Guacamole provide textural differentiation on the burger and give the acid in the wine something counter play. I'm kind of having an end-of-summer fling with Vinho Verde at the moment and I'm not mad at it.


- Chicken Patty

- Guacamole

- Grilled onions

- Sautéed peppers

- Cotija Cheese

Chillable reds with Turkey Burgers | Think Beaujolais or even red blends. Natty wines also work really well here due to their fresh fruit nature. You want the wine to be lighter I'm style yet chock-full of fruit to keep the juice crushable. I personally am doing the Turkey burger combo today, and I could not be more satisfied. I chose Jolie Laide's Glou d'Etat to enjoy with my burger. It's a Rhone Valley style red blend out of California. Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah come together (yeah I'm purposely invoking that Beatles banger) to create a light & soulful red wine that works beautifully chilled down. This is the red you want on hand at all times during the warmer seasons.


- Turkey Patty

- Bacon

- Cheddar Chz

- Boursin Garlic & Herbs

- Lettuce & Tomato

Acid driven Chardonnays with Veggie Burgers | I'm envisioning Chablis or Macon Villages, maybe even a South African Chardonnay. A chardonnay with minimal oak exposure or one that is vinified in stainless steel tends to maintain a great mouthfeel while also possessing a backbone of lively acidity.


- Beyond Meat Burger

- Smoked Gouda

- Fresh Tomato & Lettuce

- Sliced Avocado

- Fresh cracked black pepper

Anyone else hear jazz & blues music when you eat burgers? It's always the somber, emotive trumpet of Louis Armstrong or the gruff and bluesy vocals of Gary Clark Jr. that ripple through my mind. Highly recommend giving a listen whilst you sip, swirl & chow down this Labor Day. Let me know if you try any of the suggested pairings above or even what your go to burger beverage is. I'd love to hear it!

The Wino's Picks:

  • NV Brisa Suave Vinho Verde $18.99

  • 2021 Jolie Laide Glou d'Etat $24.99

  • 2021 Marcel Servin Chablis $32.99

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