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The Certified Wino

Wine. Hospitality. Food.

In an industry filled with so many passionate, talented professionals, it is a shame that we don't celebrate their stories more often. For me, their journey is far more interesting than the places they end up. Join me as I showcase an array of inspiring hospitality professionals, and wine nerds (my people) & share education on all things wine via my personal brand: "The Certified Wino"


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The Wino's T-Day Wine Guide!

The ultimate dinner party of the year is finally upon us, and while everyone is focused on perfecting their best side dishes or showing...

A Swashbuckling Good Time

Do you ever have that moment of guilt about not knowing something or seeing something you feel you should have? When you finally do learn...

Wine Shop Tours: Chicago

Yes, this trip marks my third time in the Windy City in less than 7 months! Some might say that's crazy; some might say treat...

The Women of Wine

"I didn't realize there were women winemakers." I honestly was flabbergasted when a client made that confession to me years ago. I myself...

Not All Bubbles Go To Champagne

In last year's post about all things bubbly, we took a look into the region of Champagne & why not all sparkling wine can be called...

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