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The Certified Wino

Wine. Hospitality. Food.

In an industry filled with so many passionate, talented professionals, it is a shame that we don't celebrate their stories more often. For me, their journey is far more interesting than the places they end up. Join me as I showcase an array of inspiring hospitality professionals, and wine nerds (my people) & share education on all things wine via my personal brand: "The Certified Wino"


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Supper Club or Study Club?

While I've never been one to be complacent in my studies or development of my professional skills, a recent dinner series made me realize...

Are you gonna Rosé my way?

For whatever the reason may be, society loves to hate things. It’s truly a horrible quality. No need to act holier than thou behind the...

A little Heartbreak with Pinot Noir

If you're like me and enjoy a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day, then this post will provide you the perfect reading material...

Saké to Me!

Step-up your take-out game with a fermented beverage poised to see a huge surge in popularity this year: Sake!

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