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The Certified Wino

Wine. Hospitality. Food.

In an industry filled with so many passionate, talented professionals, it is a shame that we don't celebrate their stories more often. For me, their journey is far more interesting than the places they end up. Join me as I showcase an array of inspiring entrepreneurs, chefs, restaurant owners, and wine nerds (my people) & share my own passion for all things wine via "The Certified Wino". And maybe, just maybe, you'll understand what it means to be a hospitality professional!


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We see stories that seem impossible play out so often through various forms of media, whether it be books or movies, that the lines of...

#IndustryTalks with Taylor Kastl

Chef. Businesswoman. Self-proclaimed wine nerd. Just an all around bad-ass. Taylor Kastl is literally one of my favorite human beings,...

#Industry Talks with "The Green Being"

It isn't easy being green, but Jennifer sure makes it seem that way! This talented young lady and I go back what feels like ages ago now....

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